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Introducing the brand-new drawer-less layout.

Yasan Glass
3 min readMar 17, 2022


Even Less Traditional

YASAN Launcher has always had an untraditional layout from its very beginning. Yet, it has always had an app drawer as well which was simply due to the lack of alternative ways to handle apps that are not on your AI-picked home screen apps.

The issue is that many people like to categorize almost all their apps which makes the Drawer mostly useless. If they have also enabled the “Exclude Apps From Drawer” folder option, their Drawer is going to be almost empty. In these scenarios, the Drawer is going to be just a waste of space.

Almost empty Drawer

Drawer-less Layout

YASAN Launcher v0.8.1 adds the option to disable the app drawer! Once Drawer is disabled, any app that is not in any folders will be shown on an automatically updated folder called “Other Apps”.

Other Apps Folder

Manually Reorder Folders

Since this change makes folders and their order much more important than before, the option to reorder your folders manually is now added and you are no longer stuck to the automatic alphabetic order.

Folder Reorder Arrows

On the Folder Options screen, you can see these arrows which let you change the order of your folders. They are currently only available on this screen but I am trying to find other more accessible places for them.

New folders are added to the top and are ordered alphabetically.

The New Type of Updates

As I have talked about it before on Twitter, YASAN Launcher will no longer receive monthly “stable” updates and the DEV release is removed from Play Store.

This is meant to let me update the app whenever I actually want and need to. Also, it removes the anxiety about the deadline which removed all the joy of working on the project for me.

The whole Drawer-less idea did not exist a week ago and yet it's available on the launcher now. Even though the new update system can sacrifice a bit of stability, it lets me bring my ideas into the launcher much faster even if they are not fully realized or polished yet. I can polish them by time instead of having to wait for them to become perfect first.

If you like trying new features very early like me, you're going to like this change a lot.

Other Changes on v0.8.1

  • The intro screen has gotten a few new animations.
  • Major bug fixes and optimizations on the Premium screen (if you previously were unable to purchase Premium, please try again)
  • Lots of improvements on the About screen.

The full & detailed changelog is always available on the Changelog screen of the launcher.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy this new even less traditional home screen setup! I’d love to hear your feedback! The option to disable Home & Dashboard is probably going to be added soon as well.

YASAN Launcher v0.8.1 is now available to download on the Google Play store. Update now to enjoy all the new improvements!

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