YASAN Launcher: 21.10 Update

Yasan Glass
2 min readOct 1, 2021

YASAN Launcher 21.10 release brings many bug fixes & optimizations and a few new features!

Unfortunately, this version is much smaller than I had planned due to some personal issues I had this month. You can expect much larger changes for the next updates!

Custom Day & Night Colors

On 21.09 you could select a custom color for any UI element on Home but unlike the rest of the launcher, it was not day/night theme aware.

This new update adds a new color picker button which lets you pick different colors for dark and light themes.

I am aware that the whole color picker system does not provide the best user experience since it requires too many clicks and going back and forth in the options screens. I am trying to fix the issue but it's not the simplest thing to fix so it might take some time to do 100% right.

Exclude Folder Apps From Drawer

You can now exclude all folder apps from Drawer. This means if the app is in any folder, it won't be shown on Drawer. This way only your un-categorized apps are shown on Drawer.

Note that this option is enabled by default.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

This update includes many smaller changes including:

  • New Improved Home Box alignment selector style.
  • Start/End strings are replaced with Left/Right based on your device language being LTR or RTL.
  • Apps Box options screen is now more organized & the Row/Column option is more clear.
  • Divider width is decreased to 1dp from 2dp.
  • Some major bug fixes related to Premium.
  • Jetpack Compose v1.0.2 (UI Toolkit).
  • Misc. small bug fixes and performances improvements.

The Update

YASAN Launcher 21.10 is now available to download on the Google Play store but you might take a day or two to show up on your updates screen.

I will be posting for every monthly major release of the launcher so I suggest you follow me here & use the links below not to miss future updates.

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