YASAN Launcher: 22.02 Update

Yasan Glass
2 min readFeb 2, 2022

YASAN launcher's 22.02 update is here! This update is fairly small as I'm a bit busy with other projects these days!

Folder Styles

On legacy launcher versions, folder apps used to be shown on a grid which was pretty convenient but could make your dashboard look cluttered pretty easily.

On the NEXT rewrite, the style of folders changed to a horizontal list instead. It was an improvement in making Dashboard look cleaner but it could make using larger folders inconvenient.

22.02 brings the option to choose between the two styles! The (improved) grid style is back and you still have the option to use the previously available list style.

Grid style (left) & List style (right)

You can see the difference between the two on the screenshots above. Similar to how the Drawer works, the number of apps on each row is dynamic & the app icons have more space between them on Tablets.

Bug Fixes

There is one major bug fix on 22.02 which fixes new apps not showing up on the launcher in some specific scenarios (mostly happens for apps that are not installed from Play Store).

In reality, there have been many other fixes done in January but they were important enough to be added into 22.01 as hotfix updates.

Final Words

YASAN Launcher 22.02 is now available to download on the Google Play store. Update now to enjoy all the new improvements!

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