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Yasan Glass
3 min readApr 6, 2022


YASAN Launcher v0.8.4 is here & it changes (almost) everything!

Material 3 Redesign & Android 12 Support

The New Design

Every single UI component of the launcher has been fully redesigned inspired by Material 3. Everything is flatter, more colorful & much more rounded!

Other than the manual redesigns, many of the standard UI components are now from the Material 3 library and have an updated look & feel.

New Design (Left) vs Old Design (Right)

I should add that the new design is not final and it's going to be improved with time just like how the old design did. Your feedback can make the process of improving the design much more efficient.

Dynamic Colors

This new design also brings dynamic theme (color palette) support! It is an Android 12 feature that is commonly known as Material YOU. It creates a custom color palette from your wallpaper which can be used by the apps.

As you can see from the screenshots above, the colors used in the interface are completely based on the user’s wallpaper.

If your device does not run Android 12+ yet or simply does not support this feature, the color palette won't be customized & the default color palette created will be used. You can still enjoy the freshly updated design without the customized color palette.

Other Changes

  • The option to pick the colors used on Home is now removed in favor of the dynamic color palette support. The legacy system will be brought back soon but in an easier-to-use format since it was really hard to use in the past.
  • The option to pick a specific AI system is now removed as there is literally no reason to use the old systems & it just makes the code base more complex without any real benefits.
  • Other misc. bug fixes & performance improvements, the full changelog is available on the Changelog screen.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy this new even less traditional home screen setup! I’d love to hear your feedback! The option to disable Home & Dashboard is probably going to be added soon as well.

YASAN Launcher v0.8.4 is now available to download on the Google Play store. Update now to enjoy all the new improvements!

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